Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Be Mine


Geez its been a while and I swear there's always a million things to document! In a nut shell on Tuesday 12th I was at work and almost passed out from pain... I have kidney stones :( So I wasn't all that prepared for Valentines Day. It turned out to be wonderful! Our little family went to Macaroni Grill and stood out like a sore thumb. We're still not ready to leave our little AJ. How could we even enjoy our evening knowing she isn't there with us? Basically she had a blast, she loves to scream. We're obsessed.  

Yup still bald as ever. 

She stole my heart- literally, my heart necklace ;)

She always does this face, we love it!

Constantly moving

Saddest Story....

Our little bug had a temperature of 105.5 so the Dr. sent us to Primary Children's Hospital. One of the scariest moments- but apparently the Dr. said that babies over 3 months are fine to have high temp. They had to put a catheter in so they could check her urine. She didn't have a bladder infection, she just had a virus. So sad to see her so uncomfortable and in pain. Broke my heart. I wish I could have taken her pain away. Thankfully she is all better now. 

2nd Sad Story...

I bought Anna's crib off of KSL and I knew it was old- after working so hard on updating it and painting the craziness out of it I found out it was recalled! Devastating. So we said "good bye" to her cribby and purchased a brand new one! I have big plans for the old crib... 2 twin beds. 

My partner in crime, what would I do without you?