Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Busy Busy

 Easter Sunday
Playing outside with the bug...

I love her wispy hairs

 loves being thrown! Laughs and smiles the whole time!
And Daddy sure throws high... I about died!

ugh... a lot of needed yard work. Who knows what the people before us did with the grass?

Went up to Temple Square for a fun lunch date. It was a bit chilly so we stayed inside at the Visitors Center. It was beautiful, if only I had gardens like those. 

 Such a cool model of the SLC Temple. So intricate- its unbelievably identical to the real thing. This temple is very special to me. My family was sealed here when I was 16, what an amazing experience as a young kid to enter into those doors and have my very first experience in the temple. Before my mission I came back again to receive my endowments, it was such an overwhelming feeling as I prepared for my mission inside the temple walls. Then three years later I entered the temple with my sexy Man of God. Knelt across the alter and made promises to God.  
I love the Temple, it helps me keep my eternal perspective in life. We get so caught up with such menial things.  I'm so thankful for my special family, I know that we will be together forever. 

Ah this little girl brings such joy into our lives. What did we ever do without her?!


Every time she smiles she wrinkles her nose. I love her positive attitude and happy personality. My little Sugar Booger.

Annie is so tired after church. We teach the 4 year old's and boy do they keep her busy! She isn't very reverent.  In sharing time all the girls are oohing and ahhing over her.  She loves little kids, it's hilarious anytime a kid walks pass at the store or in church she stops everything she's doing, stands up and stares. I can do something 'funny' and she'll be stone face, then my nephew Harley will do it... she'll laugh like crazy. Precious.

 She's such a cuddler with Daddy. She wont go to sleep with out him rocking her. they are too cute together! 
Daddy was watching her and she fell asleep in the car holding her basketball... he was sure proud, maybe she wont take after me with height and possibly be a basketball player? Ha, I pray!

Had to tear up the front yard to fix the sprinkler system. Good thing Mike could do it. It's working great now! Thanks Kelly and Stephen for your help.

It was a mess! 


Sunny Sundays. Those are the best! Laughing and playing. Geez her eyes are so sensitive. Always watering and rubbing. 


We got a visitor from Aunt Jewels... Did some hair and laughed with my girl. 


 Have I ever mentioned I love DI- Exciting new project! $10... you just wait...

Got all ready to go to Chilis! She was so dang excited. She loves people! 

She screamed the whole time with excitement, trying to get everyone's attention. 
p.s. at church we sit at the very back of the short bench seats so she can greet everyone. She waves the whole time and just smiles her big smile. 


My baby is now a walker! She started at about 10 1/2 months. It's amazing to see her progress everyday. Her little mind is constantly going, I love it! 

She kisses me all the time. And even initiates them too. 


So excited for summer! We're going to have a blast, I can already tell! 
Oh yeah, Daddy graduated from the U with his Masters Degree! whoot whoot.
Hes now studying to take the 'Series 7' (Stock Broker license) and then he will become a financial planner. We sure are proud of him and all his hard work for our family!