Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cosmetologist = Psychologist

“Your clients will tell you everything about their life. They’ll tell you even before a best friend or family member.”
Miss Ev prepared us.
I thought that was rubbish, there’s no way.
Until I graduated from school and jumped into my career...

My hair girl talked me into going to Cosmetology school. She sent me in the right direction, told me I’d absolutely LOVE Miss Ev (owns Evans Hairstyling College).
She was right! It was the most perfect fit. I met wonderful girls, friendships that will last forever.
The months leading up to graduation freaked me out. I’d made it to the end of the tunnel. I looked into a bunch of Salons, never 100% sure where I’d end up.
The last week of school my own stylist (Michelle) came to me. She told me that she had to quit doing hair. She had become allergic to the chemicals and realized she had to say good bye.
She asked me if I’d take over her clientele. Excitement and fear came pretty quickly. How could I fill the shoes of Michelle?  She’d been doing hair for about 6 or 7 years and had built up a pretty amazing client list.
Long story short, she began training me the day after school ended. She left me a month later and there I was In her basement taking over her full schedule. Everyday around 8-6.  I was still so brand new! What she was thinking… I’ll never know. But I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Women after women, sad story, happy story. You name it, I heard it.
It began to wear on me.
I didn’t really know how to react. Everyone’s problems I made my own.
I never would have guessed Miss Ev was right!
…The Kardashians have nothing on this.

I’ve been doing hair now for 7 years and I’d like to think I've mastered the Psychologist in me.
I love to experience these special moments and chapters in each client’s life. Whether it be a trial or a triumph, I love watching them grow and I feel like I grow right along with them.  I get such great advice. I know what to do when my baby’s going through the terrible twos, when a teenager sneaks out, when to have ‘the talk’…. I could go on forever!
Now many of whom will read this are my clients…I love you. I cherish the friendship and trust that we have. You’re amazing!
Geez I’m grateful for where my life has gone. I’m very blessed that I’ve gotten to know so many amazing strong women who continue to push forward and show me the type of person I want to be one day.