Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas, Halloween and a Move

So it's been a busy while.
I look back at my pictures and I've hardly taken any!!
Heres my attempt to catch up...
This was Christmas Eve at Mikes parents. We all got together and had a family picture. This one was adorable of Anna- we'd been out there for probably 3 min. and her nose was bright red! 

*an interesting tidbit- notice Mike in every family picture... he's either in this shirt (the one I bought him for our engagement pictures!!) Or another button up shirt I bought for pictures last year. It's hilarious, the kid owns 2 nice shirts and only wears them for pictures!! He prefers Golf shirts. Haha I love this man!! 

Heres our little angel. 
I put up the tree Nov. 17 (our 3 year anniversary). I was extremely late this year... I normally get started the day after Halloween.  

She's a roly poly!! 

How embarrassing, 1. My camera is so ghetto 2. I'm just now posting pics from  two months ago! 
Don't judge me... we had no time to carve the pumpkins, but i insisted that we take pictures of Anna with hers.

She's always so happy- such a big mouth!

Examining Daddies face. She loves his scruff. 

Big news... we've moved from our beloved duplex in Alpine to Traverse Mountain. We're Lehi residents!!
We started our search back in July and wow I never knew how exhausting house hunting could be! We found a few great houses but nothing just right until October. We closed Oct.24th and started moving in a couple days later. It's amazing to have so much space and more than one bathroom!! The list goes on as to what I'm grateful for! I Love my little family. We're such geeks :)