Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Monday, April 25, 2011

So I threw my darling Tsunoda a Baby Shower and took on the responsibility of the CAKE. I've been pretty obsessed with the 'Cake Boss', he's AMAZING!! I figured it wouldn't be that hard to produce a fondant cake. What? Roll it out, place it over the cake and ta-da I'm the next Cake Boss.
Wrong. After 6 hours of mixing, baking, freezing, rolling, placing, decorating and ribboning... it was done. There were some choice words, almost tears but it was worth it!!
Then what did I do? I volunteered to make Steph's Baby Shower Cake. No big deal, I've been through this already. I'm pretty sure I dreamt about cakes every night that week. I was going to be prepared, this cake was going to be easy, a piece of cake- LITERALLY!
A few trips here and there for the preparation, I found some edible paint at Fun-Finity. That turned out to be a mess!! The colors were totally off, what was mint green turned out forest green! Needless to say I sucked it up and just did it.
Luckily I have Mike around, he's my fondant roller. That stuff comes so stiff that it's nearly impossible to flatten. He made these cakes possible.
Anyways... about 7 hours later Steph's cake was finished. Phew what a relief!
Mike says I can't make anymore cakes, it stresses me out too much. But I freaking love it! Hopefully it'll get easier as I go. Oh and look at that... another prego lady at the salon. Hmmm... we'll see.
Okay heres the cake in progress... don't look at my kitchen,
it was SUCH A MESS!

I experimented with the poka-dots, changed my mind

Tsunoda's Shower

Up close and personal

Steph's Shower


  1. cute! what a fab cake, awesome work girl. i'm for sure impressed. :)

  2. Darling, the other baby cake is beautiful! You are just exceptional... so talented... can I please be you?!:P Hahah, don't we love being stressed out? Our husbands seriously wonder why we do that to ourselves... but we really do love it....