Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Surprise...CALIFORNIA and some 4th

My amazing mother called me at work on a Tues. and said that we were flying to California the next day. I quickly called my appointments and moved them to another day. Then went home and packed!! Mike decided to stay home :( So it ended up being a girl trip...well Harley went, but he's Nats shadow. Mike drove us to the airport at 4 am!

This was Har's first airplane ride and he loved every second of it! He couldn't stop looking out of the window.

Santa Monica Pier- Every time I bent down to take a pic with Har, he would bend down too. He is such a babe! We went on some rides on the pier- it was a blast!

The ocean is simply amazing! I LOVE IT!! Well technically it scares me half to death, but I love being on the beach and i'll stand in waste up water... not any higher!! Watch the one time I ever try it, I bet you money i'll get attacked by a Great White, no lie.

Mike and I at our little Jake Geocks wedding. It was a beautiful sealing! I love watching couples go through the temple together. The glow on their faces is so contagious. It brings me back to the day Michael and I knelt across the alter together... we sure are blessed.
Gosh I love this guy!! HE's pretty much the most amazing person I've ever known. He's my best good friend ;)

4th of July... It was a great day, went to my moms and had dinner along with some fireworks. Love my fam!

Then off to the Jensen house hold and had our classic firework show, thanks to Steve and Davie... they did a great job, kept us on our toes!

The End...
Turned out to be a great day with my fam.


  1. You're so cute Haylie :) I love your pics, and how FUN is that that you got to go on a random trip to Cali? So awesome!

  2. I love the new dew my friend. You are changing it up all the time and I'm so jealous, wish I had the guts:)

  3. Hey Hay! I really like your hair in these pictures! Super cute!