Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Test

So I found out about you on Sept. 6th at around 9:30pm. Your daddy was at school when I figured it out. I was walking through DI in AF and it hit me “YOU’RE PREGNANT!” I kept telling myself not to get too excited. I quickly ran out and jumped in my car and sped to the Dollar Store. Everyone at the salon swears by the $ Store prego tests- So there I was, heart beating, pacing down each isle trying to act calm. I picked up some dish soap and a scrubber ( ha, not that that’s important or anything, just don’t want to leave anything out).

The ride took forever, not as long as the 3 minutes it took to wait for the results. I decided not to peek until the 3 minutes were up. So I did some more pacing. During the wait, Friends was playing in the back ground. Haha, it was the episode when Ross was wearing leather pants, he was on a date and was sweating. He goes to the bathroom and sprinkles water on his legs, then his pants wouldn’t go back on, they had shrunk!! Hah I was in and out of consciousness but still threw in a couple of laughs.

The time was up… I slowly walked down the hall (literally, I probably looked like an idiot). I peeked around the corner into the bathroom and saw 2 LINES!!! I couldn’t believe it, so I took another test and waited the 3 long minutes. Peered into the bathroom and sure enough 2 LINES!! At that point I began to doubt the Dollar Store product. I put my shoes on and ran out the door, walked into Kohler’s about 5 minutes later and picked up an expensive, more reliable test. Ran home and was able to pee again… sure enough 2 LINES!!! I started to cry, wow, me a mother!

Your Daddy called me to let me know that class was over. I fibbed and told him I’d started my period. He immediately was concerned about me, asking me how I was and that next month would be the month. I went along with it.

So before he got home I had to come up with a cute way to tell him he was going to be a father. About 3 weeks ago I was on a cooking kick (which lasted 2 days) and in that time I’d made some rolls in the oven. After the timer went off I turned the oven off and totally forgot to take the rolls out!!! So weeks later your dad mentioned it to me while we were laying in bed. I promised I’d clean them out the following day. Everytime it was mentioned I’d forget to do it! So this very night I remembered! I took all the rolls out except for 1 and I put the pregnancy test right next to it and left it in the oven.

Daddy “rolls” in, hugs me and says again that next month is our month. We walk into the kitchen cus dad was hungry.

So I said

“Mike did you take those rolls out of the oven?”

“No, I thought you were going to.”

“Will you please throw them out?”

He gave in, walked over to the oven, opened it and peered in. He just sat there looking in, and finally looked up at me:

“What does this mean?”


Ah man I wish you could have seen his face, it was priceless. He smiled so big and hugged me and kissed me. Hah then he realized that I had lied to him about starting my period. Haha what a wonderful night that was! I sure wish I would have video taped it. What a special night and beginning of our new life!!

Ah I fell In love the moment I laid my eyes on you!
Mike and I call this special one "Poppy" ever since I saw on babybump.com that at 4 weeks he/she is the size of a poppy seed- it just stuck.
So this is our lil Poppy at 14 weeks. The Tech said that he was so chill and she literally jostled my body half to death to get him to budge. He kept on licking his hand (like a kitten). The tech couldn't figure out if IT was a boy or girl- so we could possibly be having a hermaphrodite kitten... Oh I'd love shem just the same ;) Oh I love those little knees.
Now this is him sucking his thumb-

K I'm obsessed! I can't wait to see this little gus... 25.5 weeks to go...

P.s. He was not happy after the ultra sound, he apparently kicked my guts right out- I had to puke in a bag in the car... not my best moment.
But I love you Poppy, I'd do anything for you.


  1. Oh my gosh... This is so cute! Just you wait girl, this mothering business only gets better and better. Can't wait to find out the gender :).

    Ps. You are cute and I'm so happy for you!

  2. You keep referring to it as a him. Does that mean you think it's a boy? So exciting! You'll be a great mamma!

  3. Fun stuff! I'm happy for you guys! You're going to be great parents!