Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PROJECT Chandelier

K can I just start with how busy I've been these past few months. I didn't think it'd be that hard to work 6 days a week and get a nursery ready... well it is! Especially since I'm obsessed with buying everything cheap, used and hideous! It's really a sickness that I have. So why spend an arm and a leg on something thats 'so so'... when I can basically pay a penny and paint it myself and deck it out with my own flare.
So here is the very 1st project that I've accomplished so far- I know what you're thinking- yes, I'm due in 10 weeks and I still have:
* Crib
* Dresser
* Reupholster Rocking chair
* Make Lamp
* Sew Bedding
* Sew Blessing Dress
This list stresses me out... so maybe I shouldn't dwell on it.
But I assure you, it'll be done by the time Anna graces us with her sweet self.
Maybe a day off or 2??

By the way, I love doing before and after pictures and placing the price I paid so everyone can see how fun and addicting this art is!!! So there are definitely more posts to come...

When I heard we were having a little girl I knew she HAD to have a chandelier in her room- duh! So while I was strolling through DI I came across this: what may look nasty and hideous to the naked eye. I was thrilled and threw it in my cart. Immediately I began thinking up all the fun things I could do to doll this piece of brass up.

Ha ha Mikes extremely used to me walking through the door with the ugliest pieces and he knows to keep his mouth shut. Through our marriage I've bought: 13 wedding dresses, a full size piano, our kitchen table, dressers, mirrors, picture frames, clothes, plates, etc. You name it, I've come home with it from DI. With a little TLC these items become jewels!
So here she is... bent, brass, broken... $5

I ripped out the electrical wiring (which wouldn't have worked anyway). Took the lights off and threw that big ball in the trash- it was bad news.
Spray painted this lovely lady white... you can start to see the transition she's going through.
Went to Hobby Lobby and found beautiful pearls and bling. I'm not super proud of the price that I paid... mind you I have a ton of the beads left over and this covered the spray paint, bling and candles... $45
Just a creative random touch
I went to town threading the diamonds and making little patterns, it was a blast. But it was so much better checking out the finishing product!
This still isn't the final picture... I have a beautiful cream piece of material that goes over the chain at the top- it finishes it off! But here she is!
P.s. I've looked into the cost of a intricate candelabra and it isn't pretty!
Full price $ 50
Hopefully I'll be posting the crib in the next week... It'll knock your socks off! Truly