Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Monday, July 9, 2012

Geez, is it hard to find time to document! When Anna's napping I'm always cuddling her or cleaning the house. Finally I've made the time to hurry and update my journal. 
So since May 21st my life has changed! Before, life wasn't complete and we didn't even know it.  
I stayed home with my Anna Jane the first week and loved on her. My delivery  wasn't the easiest, therefore recovery was torture. We haven't confirmed it but my tail bone was most likely broken. I was not prepared for how painful it would all be. But maybe I'm just a wimp? Sitting down was terrible so I decided I might as well go back to work and stand. The next week I started working a few hours a day. I got to bring her with me or she stayed home with daddy and napped.  This helped me so much with the 'baby blues'.  I've heard alot about it and always said that i'd never allow myself to get depressed, how could someone be unhappy after having their little baby!? It blew my mind! haha then I came back down to reality and all the guilt you begin to feel as a new mommy is crazy! I felt guilty about everything imaginable! First the whole breast feeding was not a walk in the park. Dang Rachel off of friends- she's all cute sitting in her hospital bed nursing her baby after a few hours of giving birth. This was NOT the case. 
Anyways... Life was hard that first week. 
The first 4 weeks Anna was such a good baby!  Seriously we are so blessed to have her in our family. What a happy baby! From the time Mike brought her to me she was wide eyed and alert. She hardly ever cried. Whenever she needed something she'd let out a little whimper to remind us that something wasn't right. She had Jaundice the first week and 1/2. It was so hard leaving her under the buliruben lights. She had to be under them for as long as possible. We had to take her to the hospital every day to get tested to see how her levels were. Her poor little heels, she was so brave getting her blood drawn a million times. Most of them were while she was sleeping and slept right through it! She was my little Umpa Lumpa. I found this picture and about died seeing how orange she was!! 

Anna's 2 week STATS 
June 6 2012

Length: 21" -72%
Weight: 7 lbs 7 oz -20%
Head: 36" -48%

Oh how I love that little pointed chin! 

 I was a little slow on getting her newborn pics- and of course I beat myself up about that too. So she was 3 weeks when we finally did them. 

Daddy sure loves to balance her in his hands and put her on his head. He's already working on her walking- hah.  He and her are like 2 pees in a pod. They have such a cute little bond together. They get to spend a lot of time with each other and I love that. There's nothing more important than a bond between a father and daughter. 

She's so happy and content in his arms. Many times I'll come into the room and see her nestled up to him watching Sports Center. I wonder if she'll be an athlete?

 Anna has so much character in her face. Her eye brows are wild! Always making us laugh. She furrows them and looks so adorable! 

Our little bug! I love her all swaddled. 

Daddy and I love her in this PJ It's a little dress so her legs hang free and boy are her legs long and skinny! 

Daddy works at Skyline High School as a Football Coach and their Sports Psychologist. They had a 7 on 7 camp at BYU July 16th. Anna and I were so excited to go watch Daddy in action. We went to the salon and did some hair for a little bit then went straight over to Provo. I sure love hanging out with my gal. She's my little shadow. I joke and say she's the mascot at the Salon, all the girls love when I bring  her in. 



She was so excited, can't you tell? 

June 25th all the girls from the salon and their families went to support Angie at the Lehi Idol. She seriously is the nicest person you'll ever meet! She's done so much for all of us. It was so much fun to go and hang out together and hear her amazing voice!!

Geez, this is one of our first family photos outside of the hospital! 

Anna got passed around like a hot potato, duh she's adorable, who wouldn't want to hold this bundle of joy!? 

                                                        Angie, you really are my idol!!


  1. Thanks for the compliments Haylie! I think you're the best too:) Love your blog, love little anna and you of course! So glad I got to be around from the start of her life and that I get to see her often through work. You're doing a great job keeping a journal. I'll help you in any way I can in scrapping all these cute photos!

  2. She is so cute Haylie! I love her little newborn pics (and 3 weeks is perfect for newborn pics :)) I really need to come see her and just hold her. Hope life is getting easier. So glad that she's being a good little girl!

  3. Little Anna is seriously so gorgeous! I love her little pointed chin too! So adorable. And I love her headbands in her pics! Precious! :)