Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Saturday, August 4, 2012

AJ's Blessing Day

Anna Jane’s Blessing Day

July 8th, 2012

I found the most beautiful dress at ‘Little Things Mean A lot’, Right when I saw it I knew I had to have it. Cute Mike came with us for support and commented that she could even wear it as her baptism dress. Yes I admit it’s a long lady, but that’s one of the things I loved about it. It reminded me of an antique. 

The day was so special, almost all of our family was there. Anna looked beautiful in her little bonnet, just like a doll.
The blessing was perfect, her daddy was inspired to say the things he said. I feel so thankful for the many blessings in my life. My amazing husband who is so supportive and just as excited about Anna as I am. He’s the best father any little girl could ask for. It’s been such a wonderful journey the past couple of months to watch him interact with our lil lady. 

So we were in class and she started laughing in her sleep, it was the cutest thing. Her tummy was moving up and down. It was precious! That was the first laugh in her sleep.

Anyways…After church we all met up and had dinner. It was great to chat and spend quality time together.
Special note: My Great Grandma Anna Ashton knitted the cream shirt that I’m wearing. I was wondering what I should wear, I thought it very fitting to wear her shirt while my Anna was getting blessed

Matt, Jen, Sarah and baby #2 were able to come visit. Sarah was adorable with Anna, she sure loves her little cousin. They will have great fun once Anna can walk. 

Anna-Bannana is such a happy baby. Her personality is so strong. Its crazy to think that she’s so young and we already have a pretty good idea about how she’s going to be. She started smiling constantly at 5 weeks and it warms my heart. She started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks.
That little toothless grin, ah.  She has so much ahead of her. It makes me sad to think about her growing up, going to school, driving, DATING, and even MARRIAGE! That literally makes me sick! Now I know what my mom meant all those years. Not wanting me to grow up, I finally get it!!

I sit and think about all of the little spirits waiting to come down for their life experience and how so many of them get sent to such sad circumstances. Both Mike and I were blessed to have the gospel in our life at such a young age. I think a lot of us take it for granted. I’m so glad that Anna knows that she’s so loved and we were 100% excited about her joining our little family. We never knew what we were missing. Thank you my little AJ for choosing us

 What a great day! I Love my little family so much, I’m blessed beyond measure!


  1. Oh dear, I sure love you! I love her too! Can we please see eachother? I need to meet that little darling!

  2. she is so adorable! oh i love her dress! if she's tall like me, it wont fit on her baptism day! haha

    1. Oh friend she and YOU looked simply perfect! What a special day. And your mom and sister look so great. I haven't seen them in forever:) So happy for your cute family.

  3. You look stunning Haylie! And her dress is adorable. I'm so happy for you.

  4. Love all these pictures- what a special day!! She is so beautiful, just like you Haylie and her dress is GORGEOUS!

  5. That dress is gorgeous and she is just ADORABLE!! Glad you had such a special day! Love you Haylie :)