Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Anna's Journal

When I first got the news that we were prego I had some unrealistic ideas... i was going to keep a really great journal all about our 'Poppy'. It started out great, every doctor appointment i was jotting down info and keeping record of everything. Then all the sudden life took a hold of me and now here i am- 34 weeks along and I've hardly written anything!
I want to write down somethings that we may forget down the road...
February 9th (26 weeks)
Too much info? If so, stop reading :)
I started bleeding Thursday morning, I instantly began bawling. It was such a strange feeling that although I had never met our little Anna I couldn't bare the thought of loosing her! Mike called Labor and Delivery, I was so hysterical I couldn't get a word out. They said that I should be fine. It really offended me that they weren't as worried as I thought they should be.
Throughout the day I just stressed and worried, I couldn't focus at work. So I called my Dr. and he said to get to the hospital ASAP. Mike was already up in Salt Lake at the U so I called him and said i was on my way. My emotions were so out of whack, driving to SLC gave me some time to try and calm down.
Going into Labor and Delivery at 26 weeks was not on my list of things to do. They hooked me up and checked everything, all the while Mike and I just sat there waiting... Ah I hate the waiting! The Dr. came in and said that I was contracting- immediately my thoughts rushed to my mom who delivered my brother at 26 weeks, he was a pound and a half, not to mention all of his health issues since. The Dr. brought me in a big jug of water, she said that I was extremely dehydrated and that I had to drink the whole thing in the next 20 min. You wouldn't believe how fast I started drinking- how selfish of me to have allowed myself to get to this point! After nearly drowning myself the Dr. came in again and said that I was still contracting and that I needed to get an IV- honestly anything I could do to help Anna, I was up for.
Finally the Dr. said that the contractions were starting to slow down and that I was getting hydrated. Gosh after the big jug of water and the whole bag of fluids I was ready to go home and pee my brains out!
Phew what a relief!! No more Diet Coke for me, pure H20!

March 22 (32 weeks)
Went in for my Dr. appointment and everything was going just swell until he measured my tummy... at my last appointment he'd measured me and I was 2 weeks behind. So this time he said that he wants me to measure at least 30 cm. He gets his measuring tape out- measures me and makes this "huh." sound- not a good thing to hear... he said that I was measuring 28 weeks at 32! My Dr. wasn't feeling very good about it and that made me start to worry. When the Dr. shows concern thats when you really know something isn't right. He ordered an ultra sound for the following day. I called my clients and canceled their appointments. What a scare! I couldn't think of anything else the rest of the day, that night and into the next morning.
FINALLY it was time for my ultra sound (time went by so sllloooowww)! The Tech measured her little head, tummy, heart, etc.. Wow she looked so big on the screen! I hadn't seen her since 20 weeks! It's amazing how they grow so fast. After all the measuring the Tech said that she was growing fine and that she's actually measuring 33 weeks- a week ahead! That dang little turkey, she had us so scared!! Phew another big relief! Other than the fact that her head is in the 75th percentile and her tummy is in the 30th. Haha we joke that she's going to come out looking like an orange on a toothpick!
Geezo this lil gal sure knows how to throw her mommy and daddy into pandaemonium! But we still love our lil Poppy.

This pic is her at the ultra sound. Some may wonder what that is. Well her mouth is wide open with the biggest looking lips I've ever seen! Thats her nose to the right with her little nostril holes showing. Ah she looks so real. Duh I know she's real but its still hard to believe that that is inside me!!
This is her sweet profile.. look at the dome!We love you Anna Jane... life wouldn't be complete without our little turkey. We'll be seeing you in 43 days. The count down is on!


  1. awe! cute!!! Thanks for sharing! I love the Orange on a toothpick...reminds me of So I married an Axe Murderer! I think the first time I ever watched that show was with you!!!

  2. I can't wait to for you to see what's going on in this world, Anna! It's so much fun! And you have the best parents. Well, some of the best. Mine are the best. ;) Be nice to your mommy, ok? Just grow well and come out screaming. They love that. <3 AbbyRory monkey baby of Elisa and Matt

  3. I'm so sorry for your pregnancy scares! That sounds terrible. I hope you have an uneventful upcoming few weeks. I'm so excited to see that little cutie :)