Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Monday, April 23, 2012

Before vs. After...

Phew!! I've got some of my projects done and many more to go... So heres what I have so far! 

I bought this mirror back when I was single... about 3 years ago at DI in Provo- cost me $20. 

Went to Hobby Lobby (my new hangout) and got wood decals to jazz this plain gal up! $1.50.
Wood glued them on and duck taped them to the mirror so they wouldn't move while drying. 

Stained the decals so they matched the mirror, that way they'd have the same color after I distressed it. 
After that I rubbed a candle all over the mirror in random spots to make it look antiqued once i sanded it. 

Found the perfect turquoise material for the nursery and I wanted it to match. Took a swatch into Jones Paint and Glass and they mixed up a pint of paint. $11

After it dried, went through and rubbed all the wax off the wood and stained it to make it look like this... I'm so pleased the way it turned out! Can't wait to put it in the nursery. I'll always have an extra can of this turquoise paint. BEST PURCHASE!!    

Over all cost:
Mirror- $20 (DI)
Decals- $1.50 (Hobby Lobby)
Paint- $11
Stain- $5 

Long story... went into Plato's Closet to find some shirts, ran into this one and didn't have time to try it on so I bought it thinking I'd just return it if it looked lame. And LAME it looked! It was horrifying on. Their return policy is 7 days, I'm very rarely in Orem so on the last day I decided to run some errands and take it back. I pulled into the parking lot and sure enough they had just closed. So there I was, stuck with a shirt that I could care less about. Granted it only cost $5 but still, what a waste. But not for long...

My friend Shantell gave me this lamp she was getting rid of. Too bad I forgot to take a before picture. it was bright pink and had a polka dot lamp shade. So I got yellow paint $3 and sprayed it down. Took the lamp shade off, bought a new rim at DI for $1. The Shirt happened to fit perfectly around the rim so I cut and glued. 

Threw some fabric together and made a flower then took some extra ribbon i had laying around.  

Lamp- free
Paint- $3
Rim- $1 (DI)
Shirt- $5 (Plato's Closet)
= $9

Remember that nasty chandelier? Well here is the final resting spot. 

Searched high and low for an upholstered rocking chair. Found one I loved by 'Little Castle' - $650. I was not about to spend that! So to KSL I went... found this chair for $20! I jumped on it, I loved how it was so different, the wood arms had me at first sight! 

The color of the chair was not my favorite.  

Put Kills on the arm rest's so the paint would stick. Then sprayed it white. 

On one of my Hobby lobby trips I found some fabric I fell in love with... brought it home and it was the exact same green color!!!  I about died cus I didn't like the green at first. 

Stapled the fabric onto the chair.  Sewed the dust ruffle. 

My mom insisted that we do piping. 

Heres the Chair!! Haha, I refused to make the pillow- I've made too many projects!! I needed some sanity. 

paint- $5
Fabric- $50 (Hobby Lobby)
Pillow- $25 (Target)

So here are my projects up until now. I'm very close to having the crib and bedding done, the dresser, drapes and many more. Only 3 more weeks, geez I'm cutting this close!!! 
I also need to thank my mom for all of the countless hours she's spent with me looking at paint, fabric, sewing and laughing. I honestly wouldn't have any of these things done if it weren't for her and all of her knowledge. She's taught me everything I know. She's my best friend, I'm truly blessed to have her!! I love you Mama-lou 


  1. You are one talented woman Haylie!!! I am so impressed and I LOVE everything you've done. What darling ideas!!

  2. I LOVE the lamp shade you made! It's so chic!! You are talented lady!

  3. whoa whoa!!!! amazing! and i love your maternity photo shoot. you look stunning and you only look like your 25 weeks along!

    can't wait for baby!!