Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Birthday Wishes

Anna's 1!! 
Birthday Bash!
So I had another Kidney Stone (that's 2 in 3 years-I'm in trouble). I had a procedure done on May 16th then threw Anna's birthday party on the 18th. It was so nice to have two days off to prep for the big occasion. 


The fam chowin on Mikes amazing BBQ!!! He takes his grilling seriously.

The cousins playing 'pin the candle on the cupcake'.
 They were very focused, such babes.

So excited to have everyone at her house!! All smiles. 
She's now at the stage where she refuses to wear headbands. My poor bald baby gets called a boy all the time... even in pink-seriously!

Running around in the basement. 

People person all the way...


Grandma Olive, we love you!

 She was so spoiled!

The cake issue is a little bit of a sensitive subject. Here I am a day after my Kidney Stone issues and I've baked a ton of cakes. I had this vision that I really didn't prepare for. So the night before the big bash I'm crying because the frosting is melting and not staying in place. Ugh it was terrible. So funny now looking back. Naturally, I took all the cakes in my hands and smashed them to pieces! Naturally. Talk about anger problems. Therefore Smiths saved the day with these not-so-cute-but-they-will-do cakes. 
I still can't believe I ever made fondant cakes!!! So much work and time!!!

Of course my baby needed a crown! It was so much fun to make, I found everything I needed at home! 

She refused to look at her cake with the candle lite. Then again, everyone was staring at her, she was a little nervous.  I had to smash her hand in it, she wasn't feeling very brave.

............The afterparty...........

What a wonderful day! It's amazing to have family so close. Anna sure is a blessed little girl to be loved by all!

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