Michael and Haylie Jensen

Michael and Haylie Jensen

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MY how to cover your coffee table!!

 I've been wanting to do a new project (Heaven knows I have a million strewn all over my house) but I needed something different, something I'd never done before!
So here she is... my nasty really really old coffee table. I'm pretty sure my mom got it at DI about 10 years ago, gave it to my sister then she got sick of it and it ended up in my hands. You name it this coffee table has had it. She needed a make over real bad!
I checked out a few blogs and decided that I was going to follow everything on it and do it right. This project was NOT going to fall apart in a few days time.

I feel like a jerk and I can't even tell you what blog it was that I followed, well partially. There was a point that I threw all of her info out the window. However this info was helpful! Padding is super expensive so DON'T buy it at a craft store. I went and bought
High loft- $11.97

1.5 in Memory foam (Full)- $29.98
Seriously foam is EXPENSIVE- who would have thought! 

I already had some white paint on hand so I used half of that then used another half of a new one. 
white paint- $ 4.94

I Covered my buttons, boy what a job. The girl I was following just went on and on about how fun it was to cover them, not the case for me. My fabric was really thick heavy duty stuff so to cover those puppies was the death of me. FYI be mindful of your fabric!! Although it was an issue for me I wouldn't go back and change it if I could. This is going to get a lot of traffic and I don't want it to wear out and tear.
Button Kit-$9.99
Fabric (1.5 yards-FOR SALE)- $5!!!

Doubled the foam pad so its super soft. Now this is where the girl went wrong. She only used one layer of pad, making her table so hard and not as poofy. Lame- I wanted to sleep on mine if I had to.

Love my staple gun, a must- I used a ton of staples!

Measured where I wanted my buttons. Then drilled holes - I used 1/4 in. drill bit- I'd def. go bigger if I could do it again, super hard to find the hole with your needle.
Needle- $5

Cut holes in my top pad. I wanted deeper tufts so the deeper the holes the deeper the tufts :)

She sat like this for about a week until I got up the strength to go back to work.
I stapled my sides down first- I wasn't sure if I was going to have enough fabric so I was a little scared that my tufting was going to pull my fabric away from the sides. so I did this first- which I also recommend.

I forgot to take a picture of the needle I got, seriously its almost a foot long! I got it at Joann's. My blogging lady got one that wasn't even 2 in. long which was a nightmare when I had a lot of padding. I couldn't find the needle at all. Then I got my big one and it literally took me 10 min. to tuft my buttons. I had Mike sitting in front of the table pushing the buttons in as I was pulling the thread and stapling away.  

It came alive!! Now I have all my tools that I'm going to use on my King head board...

And this is my poor baby who felt neglected. I love you Annie Jane, what a help she was... always finding my scissors and put me on a wild goose chase looking for my two last lost buttons. You make my life amazing, we just laugh as we go.

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